Coraline Doll: Here’s how you make it!

At last, here’s an easy way to make this wonderful doll from the movie Coraline. Make a Coraline Doll for yourself!

Or perhaps you can even try to do it with your friends or family members! So have fun while doing it, because that what i did before i get this project done.

Before you start, there are some things you must prepare first.

  • A pair of black yarns for the hair
  • Some scrap papers for making two buttons of her dress(silver on top and brown on the bottom)
  • Black felt sheets or any types of materials available that can be stick on to make a eyes
  • A needle and a scissors
  • Some stuffing of your choice
  • Glue / any types of tapes
  • Scissor for cutting the black felt sheets
  • Black marker or pencil
  • Fabric paint on light brown color (optional)

How to make your own coraline doll

First Step:

  • You can start with making her eyes. Draw a circle with a line in the middle and make some dots around it for the eyelashes. 
  • Once you’re done with the eyes, Cut two pieces of black felt sheets and stick on to her head like what i did on my doll.
  • Then, Cut out a piece of black felt sheet and stick it on her head like the photo below.

Second Step:

  • Tie up all your hair in a side ponytail at last!  Take two strands of yarns and tie them in the back.
  • And then cut the remaining part into short strands for making her pigtails (optional)

Third Step:

  • Make a dress for her. I made this with a brown fabric paint on a light brown color and some scrap papers. 
  • Draw the shape of the dress on some scrap papers and cut it out after you finished drawing so that you can use it as a pattern.
  • After cutting out a brown felt sheet,  use the pattern that you just cut out for it.
  • Draw some lines on the bottom of her dress with fabric paint for the laces, Take a strand of yarns to do this part.
  • Draw 4 lines on her brown dress and once your done, stick them in place using some glue or tapes.

If you want to be more detail, you can draw her shoes and socks on a white fabric paint. And don’t forget to draw a silver button on top of her dress.

Fourth Step:

  • For the buttons of her dress, use a needle and a scissors for making some holes on the top of her brown dress.
  • Draw two dots in each hole with black marker or pencil if you can’t make it.
  • Take a white yarn and put through the holes like what i did on my Coraline doll (press hard when you try to pass through).
  • Cut two pieces of brown felt sheets. Draw some dots on them with silver fabric paint or you can use marker for this part.
  • After that, Stick one on top of the other and stick it in place using glue /tapes. Put a white yarn through below this buttons and tie them together.
  • Attach these 2 silver buttons on top of her brown dress .

Fifth Step:

  • Time to make Coraline Doll’s hair! You can use your sewing machine for making some stitches on the top of her head.
  • Leave the rest of her hair to be hand sewn.

Sixth Step:

  • Now for Coraline doll’s pigtails, Do 2 french braids on either sides of her head and tie up all the end with some yarns like what i did on my doll. 
  • And don’t forget some embellishment at the end using glue or tapes.

Seventh Step:

  • Make your Coraline doll’s scarfs using your hands or sewing machine.
  • After that stick it on the top of her dress with glue / any tapes.

Eight Step:

  • Sew around her pigtails for making them stronger and more beautiful!

And now you’re done already! 

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